Overlay Pipe Fittings Elbow Flange Pipe Carbon Steel Calding Stainless Steel

GLENFLANGE is a special supplier for overlay pipe/fitting/flange. aim to save cost,improve the material properties, Suitable for all kinds of high corrosion environment.
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Product Details

GLEN weld overlay pipe fittings

GLEN is a China special supplier for welding overlay and providing the anti-corrosion weld overlay cladding pipe fittings.

Vertical and Horizontal cladding equipment
Jigs to suit full range of sizes and fittings
Capability includes:
Pipe, Elbow, Tee, Cap, Flange
Tee fabrication
Base material fittings can be supplied by Glenflange
Wide range of overlay materials available including:3-400 Grade SS, Alloy 400, Alloy 825, Alloy 625, Stellite
Full machining capability to assure final dimensional tolerances and finish

Hot wire GTAW/TIG overlay

 +/- 0.5mm ID tolerance

Suitable for SMLS, SAW, ERW, HFW and HFI outer pipe

Pipe diameters of 4” – 26” in 6m or 12m

Body material:

ASTM A105/A105N


A694 F42,F52,,F60,F65,F70

API 45K,60K,75K,80K


Overlay material;

Stainless steel.seris 3-4

Inconel 600/625

Incoloy 800/825

Duplex steel S31803,S32205,S32760,S32057,S32209

Hastelloy/Monel/Cuni/ other alloy

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