prefabricated piping spools

Glen flange performs pipe fabrication in our 100000+ square meters fabrication shop. Our personnel are experienced pipe fabricators in all materials, and can undertake pipe spool fabrication, plate and structural work. Quality · ASME and National Board Stamps: "A", "S",...
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Glen flange performs pipe fabrication(prefabricated piping spools) in our 100000+ square meters fabrication shop. 

Our personnel are experienced pipe fabricators in all materials, and can undertake pipe spool fabrication, plate and structural work.


· ASME and National Board Stamps: "A", "S", "U", "PP", "R", and "NB"

· Qualified welding procedures in GMAW, GMAW-S, GTAW, SMAW, SAW, and FCAW processes

· Shop standards will meet or exceed ASME B31.1, B31.3 and customer-specific project specifications. All welding is per ASME Section IX.

Our Scope of work(Prefabricated piping spools) will include

· Engineering Services for designing

· Welding as per ASME Sec IX using qualified welders

· Complete QA/QC Documentation and as-built drawings

· Preparation of Fabrication Drawings / Isometric drawings

· Highly experienced personnel for Manufacturing and QC

· Hydro test, All other Non Destructive Tests Pickling & Passivation of Weld Joints (for SS,& Duplex materials)

Carbon Shop

· Automated, two-axis plasma-cutting machine

· Pipe-cutting capabilities: up to 48'' in diameter x 40' in length

· Carbon pipe larger than 48'' is manually cut and handled.

We are a capable producer of prefabricated tube spools and also in low-pressure piping in several industrial sectors. The pre-construction portions of the piping system are prefabricated tube spools. Pipe spools, flanges, and fittings are named and manufactured before use in the piping system. The pipe spools are pre-formed to make an assembly with hoists, measuring devices, and other joining devices easier. Prefabricated tube spools connect long tubes with the ends of long tubes so that they can be fitted with the corresponding flanges. Before the concrete wash, these connections are built into concrete walls. Before concrete dusting, this system must be properly aligned because it must withstand the weight and strength of the structure.

Prefabricated pipe spools are important since intensive piping is required for shipbuilding and other maritime industries. Rohr spools create huge benefits as they reduce on-site space limitations. With this advantage, the entire pipeline industry has a good chance of increasing the efficiency of its pipeline system and reducing employee time.

The main uses of tube spool systems for power plants and oil refineries requiring intensive tube operation. These systems include transporting and conveying fluid and gas, which require many connection elements. There is no room for error in these systems. Pipelines must be assembled and manufactured properly.

Piping spools are designed to minimize on-the-ground installation costs and enhance product consistency. They are usually flanged to attach to other spools. The spool is typically produced by special companies with the required infrastructure. These manufacturing specialists produce the device according to the required set of quality and accuracy to achieve the correct fit on-site and retain the technical characteristics required by the customer.

It offers long-term corrosion protection because its good steel adhesion provides superior long-term corrosion strength and pipeline protection at temperatures moderate to designed life. Higher adhesive properties ensure excellent cathodic dissolving resistance, which reduces the total cost of cathodic protection during pipeline operation. It can be adapted to your particular project with advanced production techniques. It can be applied to various tubes of 90 mm (3.5′′), up to a range of 48′′ (1220mm) in diameters, to meet the unique design and performance requirements cost-effectively. It is designed for good chemical resistance under most soil conditions with a dual-layer product with robust physical properties that minimize damage during handling, transport, installation, and operation.


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