Exhaust Gas System Pipeline Duplex Steel Pipe

254SMO prefabrcation pipeline. it consists of flange,pipe,reducer, tee ect. and fabrcated in factory. save the time of welding on site, and short the time for whole project.
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Exhaust Gas System Pipeline Duplex Steel Pipe:

254SMO/UNS31254 There are four main advantages of 254SMO:
Under the conditions of seawater, aeration, crevice and low-speed scouring, it has good pitting resistance (PREN < 43) and stress corrosion resistance. It is a substitute material for Ni-based and Ti-based alloys.
Secondly, in terms of high temperature or corrosion resistance, it has better high temperature or corrosion resistance, higher nitrogen content, so its mechanical strength is higher than other types of austenitic stainless steel, and its wear resistance is higher than that of ordinary materials.
In addition, 254SMO has high ductility, impact strength and good weldability.


 254SMO product applications(Exhaust Gas System Pipeline Duplex Steel Pipe):

1. Petroleum and petrochemical equipment, such as bellows in petrochemical equipment.
2. Pulp and paper bleaching equipment, such as pulp cooker, bleaching equipment, drums and rollers for filter and scrubber, etc.
3. Power plant flue gas desulfurization device, the main parts of use are: absorber tower body, flue, gate plate, internals, spray system, etc.
4. Marine systems or seawater treatment, such as thin-walled condensation pipes cooled by seawater in power plants, seawater desalination treatment equipment, can be applied even in equipment where seawater may not flow.
5. Desalination industry, such as salt making or desalination equipment.
6. Heat exchangers, especially in the working environment with chloride ions.

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