Exhaust Gas Pipe Line

Prefabricated Duplex steel pipe with JIS flange. large size plate flange according to JIS F7805 1k Standard. the size of flange can be more than 3 meters. Duplex steel material with high anti-corrosion and no cracks on surface in the same time, acid& passivation on surface in order to protect raw material
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Product Details

Pre fabrication welding pipe/Exhaust gas out pipeline/Exhaust Gas Pipe Line

Size: DN1800

Welding type: TIG Welding

Thickness: 5mm

Pressure: Low pressure

Material: 316L/304L/UNS32205/UNS32750/UNS31254

Application: Marine industry

Duplex steel pipe(Exhaust Gas Pipe Line) is apply to the Exhaust gas of ship.contact the scrubber tower, included high anti corrosion for the Exhaust gas, which made with scrubber tower and GRE pipe system together. completely comply with the requirement from IMO standard.

Now the die-line of IMO from Jan.1st, 2020. more owner prefer to do refit plan for the scrubber system in order to meet the requirement.


SHORT PIPERefit ship - 2Refit ship -1

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