Yang Ming Shipping Turned Profitable Reforms Last Year

- Mar 29, 2018-

On March 26th, Yangming Shipping released its 2017 annual financial report. Last year, it consolidated revenue of RMB 133.077 billion (Taiwan dollars), an increase of 13.59% year-on-year; after-tax profit of TWD 321 million turned profitable. Yangming's operating volume was 4.722 million TEU last year, which was 9% higher than the 4.332 million TEUs in the previous year. Last year, revenue and profitability improved significantly compared with the previous year. glenflange


Yangming Shipping said that last year, the market recovered and under a number of reform measures, the company's operations have been moving forward and the first step to success.welding overlay


Yang Ming further stated that according to the OECD’s latest global economic outlook report, the economic growth rate for the next two years is forecast to be 3.9%, which is higher than the 3.7% of last year. It can be seen that the positive trend of future market slowdown, and the company will still We continued to be cautious, continued to optimize our internal management capabilities, and operated our regional markets in Europe, Asia and the US with a better management model. At the same time, we continued to face market challenges through alliance cooperation.pipe fittings


Yang Ming stated that this year will gradually plan for the implementation of future mid- and long-term plans, actively develop new markets, increase the fleet size and seek any opportunities that can save the company’s operating costs and increase profits, and build more flexible and flexible strategies. Dense and high quality service network.slip on flange


In addition, sources said that Yangming Shipping's five-year secured loan increased from the original target of NT$7 billion to NT$7.6 billion (US$261 million). Taiwan Bank is the lead bank and bookkeeping bank. The annual guarantee fee is 80 basis points. The highest front-end fee of the bank is 30 basis points. It is scheduled to sign on March 31. The funds will be used to support the issuance of convertible bonds.