Worried About The Spread Of The Epidemic, Juji City, South Korea Urgently Calls For Two Major Ship Enterprises To Make Countermeasures

- Feb 28, 2020-

On February 24, Bian Guangyong, mayor of Juji City, held an emergency forum with Samsung Heavy Industry and Daewoo shipbuilding marine related people. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic was discussed in order to hear the necessary measures.            

Bian Guangyong said: "novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in the first time, the huge social disorder. As the survival pillar industry of Juji, the two shipyards play an important role. In order to prevent the epidemic from spreading in the local society, Juji city and shipyard should work together. "            The novel coronavirus pneumonia, Zheng Jiwan, director of the health care center of the city, introduced the first case of the new crown pneumonia in the city, the situation in the area and the current municipal measures, and fully communicated with the head of the shipyard.            "Apart from visiting pharmacies and pet shops after returning from Malaysia, the first confirmed patient in the area has a small range of activities and often wears a mask, so I don't think there is any regional social diffusion," said Zheng "Novel coronavirus pneumonia is only possible when there is close contact between the carriers, so it is really important to use masks."            

Shen Xiangji, chairman of Dayu shipbuilding marine metal trade union branch, said: "after the first confirmed patient in Juji city appeared, there were constant rumors and phone calls, which had a great impact on the on-site business." "I hope the company can provide a safe working environment for the workers." He also suggested: "we hope that the city can send the dynamic and relevant information of confirmed cases to the public through SMS."            

Bian Guangyong explained: "for the reason of base station, only the central government and wide area autonomous region can send SMS about disaster safety." at present, Qingshang south road is transmitting relevant information in a unified way. There are difficulties at the level of Juji city. I hope you can understand. "           

 Samsung Heavy Industry and Daewoo shipbuilding marine related safety responsible person said that after the city informed the safety team leaders of the two major shipyards of the main situation, they will convey it to the staff. Bian Guangyong replied on the spot: "it is necessary to establish an organic communication mechanism."            

heng Zhenze, director of the Juji shipyard of Samsung heavy industry, said: "the staff of the shipyard are from all over the country, and there are many foreigners, so they feel more uneasy." since February 24, we have extended the lunch time to two hours. The company is taking measures to avoid personnel aggregation to the greatest extent, such as dispersing personnel, avoiding face-to-face meals, etc. "            

Pu Doushan, director of Daewoo shipbuilding and marine shipyard, said: "the company is currently in control of personnel in overseas areas such as Daegu Xintiandi and Qingdao, and has issued masks and disinfectants and other periodic epidemic prevention measures."           

 Finally, novel coronavirus pneumonia said: "before the end of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, Samsung Heavy Industries and Daewoo shipbuilding oceans should also be prepared at the company level. If we can tell me what needs to be done, we will actively support them." "We will do our best to prevent and control community infection through organic cooperation such as information sharing and response system cooperation," he promised (excerpt from ship economy and trade)