WinGD X-DF Machine Passes NG-VOC Mixed Fuel Test

- Apr 04, 2018-

Winterthur Engine Co., Ltd. (WinGD) and Wärtsilä Gas Systems have successfully completed the NG-VOC (Natural Gas - Volatile Organic Compound) mixed fuel operation test of the WinGD X-DF engine. The tested X-DF engines will be supplied with two 125,000 DWT shuttle tankers built by South Korea's Samsung Heavy Industries for Singapore's AET Tankers.


In March this year, representatives from AET Tankers, Statoil, OSM Maritime, Samsung Heavy Industries, Hyundai Heavy Industry's Engine and Machinery Division attended the test site in Trieste, Italy, and witnessed the success of a WinGD X-DF engine. The NG-VOC hybrid fuel test demonstrated that this type of engine can mix up to 20% of VOC fuel under different load conditions, and maintained the process of switching from pure natural gas operation to mixed fuel operation and switching to diesel fuel mode. The engine's high performance. In hybrid fuel operations, while maintaining efficiency, significant reductions in nitrogen oxide emissions are also achieved, which is below the IMO Tier III emission requirements. DIN2605-1 Elbow


VOC, as a waste product produced during the processing and transportation of crude oil, represents the hazards and depletion of oil and gas products. It was generally discharged into the atmosphere or burned before. Now, after developing a new fuel model for X-DF engines, VOCs can become a usable source of energy.