Wilson Ship Management Takes Over A LNG Ship

- Apr 11, 2018-

Wilson Marine Management (WSM) announced that its Malaysian subsidiary has taken over 138,000 cubic meters of "LNG Innovator" LNG carrier and is responsible for technical management. WN flange


It is reported that on April 6, Wilson Malaysia Branch announced the news through social media, but did not provide other more information. pipe fittings


According to the information, the ship was previously known as the "British Innovator" and was recently sold by British energy giant British Petroleum (BP) to Korea's Sinokor Merchant Shipping Company. Also packaged and sold are the sister ship “British Merchant”, which is 15 years old and steam powered.


According to Vesssel Value, a ship data provider, the sale price of each of the two LNG carriers sold was US$45 million. welding overlay