Welding Competence

- Aug 29, 2017-

Processing of corrosion resistant steels in

accordance with their material qualities

ensures the product can be used without

interruption: you can benefit from experience

in the welding of more than 85 different

stainless steel grades and clad materials and

our in-house welding technology.

We use all the current welding processes in

production, including plasma, TIG, MSG,

SAW, laser beam and elec- tron beam

welding processes to orbital welding, TIG hot

wire and MAG welding. We use automated

welding for circular welds in diameter up to 1

200 mm.

You can rely on our expertise:

•Approx. 1 900 welding procedure qualifications

•More than 300 qualified welders, certified acc.

to national and international standards (DIN EN


•Approx. 1 200 welding certificates are available