Weld Overlay Quality Assurance Plan

- Aug 30, 2017-

Weld Overlay Quality Assurance Plan

Record during producing should in including below:

Certificate of qualification. (The final certification of qualification of products, ensuring products leave factory under strict quality inspection.)

Mate’s receipt of base metal and welding material (Must meet the standards of quality system)

QC procedure (Quality control system)

(ITP) Quality control planning

(PMI) Positive Material Identification (chemical analysis of final welding layer)

Non-destructive testing reports adapting standards of VT RT UT MT PT

WPSs/ PQRs Standards welding procedure specification /Procedure Qualification Record( The

basis of welding process parameters adapted by products) Size / Final inspection report

Trceability: generating an identifiable welding line record or chart for each welding line, including

base metal for welding (heat number, batch number, serial number), Standards welding procedure

specification, main parameters of welding, welder or equipment identification, non-destructive testing results, non- destructive testing report number, PMI result and so on