Weld Overlay Inspection

- Aug 30, 2017-

Weld Overlay Inspection

We, GlenFlange have a standard certification meet the domestic and abroad, qualified and

experienced staff to use NDT technology to ensure the highest quality of the products and the

possibility of welding process. After inspection, they will issue the final inspection documents,

including the classification of inspection methods and acceptance criteria.

--- Radiographic Flaw Detection—RT

The professional non-destructive make a RT test, they are all qualified personals which of many years

of work experience.

---- Dye Penetration Test—DPT

All parts that need to be welded must be tested before and after reweld overlay. When testing pipe

inner diameter, it requires to use remote-video detection & inspection technology. We can usually

detect the inside of pipeline up to 12M.

---- Materials Chemistry Component Inspection—PMI

With 26 channel the world’s most advanced mobile online PMI equipment, recheck the chemical

composition of base material and overlaying welding layer. The report is stored directly on the PMI

device computer, archived completely and ascended.

------ Ultrasonic Testing—UT

Using the world most advanced transverse wave and standing wave detector to test the integrity of

the weld overlay layer and base material to ensure the bead weld quality. GlenFlange make the

measurement in accordance with the customer’s welding thickness standards strictly.

----- Magnetic particle Testing—MT

After completing all manufacturing phase, test the surface spots in the ferromagnetism components,

using fluorescence or visual technology.