Weld Overlay Characteristics

- Aug 30, 2017-

Weld Overlay Characteristics

1.Weld overlay equipments are all from abroad , main power supply, heater power circuit, wire

feeder are all imported with original packaging from Austria FROUNIS.( Type: TT5000\TT220,

FROUNIS is the first brand of weld overlay processing in petrochemical valves industry in the global.

2.All workshops are anti-pollution designed to insure all the process of weld overlay without the

pollution of dust and the best quality of products.

3.Possess high technical maturity of weld overlay, to pursue better quality and higher efficiency

by consist producing inspection of weld overlay crafts and non-stop improvement; affording fully

automated hot-wire Tig and T-Tig weld overlay solution, including two types: single wire and double

wire, single layer and double layer, welding technology in accordance with standards of ASME,

NACE, API, dilution rate can reach within 5%.

4.Building strict standards of post welding testing which all according to API Spec Q1

(Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the

Petroleum and Natural Gas) and ISO9001:( Quality management systems requirements also contain

API Spec 5LDecification for anti-corrosion alloy membrane or steel lining as main reference for quality management.