Weekly Tanker Market Report

- Jan 23, 2018-

This week's market review - January 12, 2018


Super large tanker


In the Middle East Gulf, the freight rate continued to be under pressure, with 270,000 tons of cargo being shipped to China. The freight rate dropped 3 points to about 40 GB. In the meantime, the freight rate in the west region remained at GB 20, Ton. From West Africa to China's voyage, the tariff is about GB 43.5, based on 260,000 tons of cargo, about a drop of 0.5 points.


In the North Sea area, Cape Hood opened up again, and the shipping fee to South Korea voyages was 4.15 million U.S. dollars / 41.575 million U.S. dollars. A ticket to Rotterdam from Singapore to the oil, the Iranian area charter rental, shipping costs 300 million. Shipping from the Caribbean to Singapore costs about $ 3.5 million, while shipping from Mexico and the United States to three Japanese ports for $ 5.1 million.glenflange


Suez Limousine

The West African market remained weak with an excess of vessels, freight rates falling 5 points to GB 55 and cargoes based on 130,000 tonnes of cargo destined for Europe. The freight rates in the Black Sea are maintained at about 65/66 GB, based on 135,000 tons of cargo. Litasco sold 130,000 tons of one-tonne cargo at national standard 65, from Sidi Kerir to the Mediterranean Sea, and shipping from Algeria to Singapore amounted to $ 1,875,000.


Afra Ultimate Tanker

Shipowners this week, the market unsatisfactory, based on the ENI-type ship, the transport of a cargo volume of 80,000 tons of cargo across the Mediterranean region, the transaction price slightly higher than the national standard 100 slipped to GB 87.5, the Black Sea freight Still maintain the national standard 100. For the cargo of 100,000 tons, from the Baltic Sea to the British coastal areas, the freight rate was stable at GB 65 and across the North Sea, based on the volume of 80,000 tons glenflange and the freight rate remained at 97.5 GB.


Last week, the market was active. For the 70,000-tonne cargo, from the Caribbean Sea to the North Coast market, the freight rate was up 25 points to 132.5, due to the market delay. However, on Friday it was rumored to be a freight rate of 120.


Panamax tanker

Affected by the market decline of Aframax oil tankers, the Panamax market in the North Caribbean coast of the Caribbean Sea has further slipped 30 points to GB 110 and cargoes based on 55,000 tonnes of cargo, freight rates from Amsterdam / Rotterdam / Antwerp or Skikda In slightly higher than the national standard 100, there are also talk about the current tariff for the national standard 110.


Finished oil tanker

LR1 type of ship, based on 55,000 tons of cargo to the Japan region from the Middle East coast, the tariff dropped 10 points to about GB 87.5, while the volume of 75,000 tons of cargo from the Middle East coast to Japan, The freight rate dropped about 2.5 points to about 79.50 / 80 GB.


Based on the volume of 38,000 tons of cargo from the United States Bay to the United Kingdom - Europe, the market this week, the freight rate rose by about 10 points to GB 140 or so, while 37,000 tons of cargo from Europe to the US coastal areas , The market is unstable, the freight rate hovers around the national standard 150, and there is the possibility of continuing pressure.(flange,pipe fittings)