Wartsila Supplies Scrubber System For 2 New Mail Ships Of Novozyme

- Feb 28, 2020-

           Wartsila, a technology group, will supply the hybrid scrubber system package for two cruises of Norwegian Cruise Line.            It is reported that the "Norwegian breakaway" and "Norwegian getaway" were built by the German shipyard Meyer werft, which are the final works of four breakaway plus class cruises of Norwegian Cruise Line series. With a length of 333.46 meters, a width of 41.4 meters and a gross tonnage of about 169145 tons, it can carry 4004 passengers. The two ships will be equipped with Wartsila scrubber system to ensure that the post ship can meet the requirements of IMO sulfur emission restriction regulations when burning heavy fuel oil.            Sigurd jenssen, President of Wartsila's ship exhaust gas cleaning business, said, "our customized exhaust gas cleaning scheme once again emphasizes and highlights Wartsila's technical and engineering capabilities, and can flexibly adjust the design to meet the special needs of customers, which is an important value-added feature we provide."            Wartsila's mixing scheme can flexibly clean the sulfur in the waste gas. When operating in the closed-loop mode, the flushing water can circulate between the scrubber unit and the treatment tank, and the seawater can be used as the make-up water when necessary.            Wartsila's equipment is expected to be delivered in the first half of 2020. In the past seven years, Wartsila has signed an engine maintenance agreement with NCL. Four new mail ships under construction by NCL will also be equipped with Wartsila's engine and washer system.