Wartsila Signs Girocantex Ship Maintenance Agreement

- Mar 28, 2018-

Wärtsilä recently signed a five-year maintenance agreement with Girocantex Uruguay, subsidiary of the Hidrovias Group, to service the latter's fleet of eight push ships operating in the rivers of South America.


It is reported that the agreement will be based on the true state of the equipment on board, to achieve a flexible maintenance plan development and implementation, to ensure that these push ships have a better life cycle value. pipe spooling


Girocantex's operation of this push boat covers the inland rivers of Brazil and Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay, and can provide high-quality logistics and transportation solutions for local agricultural products, mineral products, steel products and other products. These boats are generally operated in narrow waters and remote rivers. The development and implementation of maintenance plans are challenging for operators.elbow LR


Wärtsilä’s maintenance program includes an engine condition monitoring system that enables dynamic maintenance planning and execution to ensure maximum operating time.

Girocantex will also use Wärtsilä online services, access online technical information for marine equipment, and communicate issues with Wärtsilä technical experts on the platform. TEE