Wartsila And Maersk Drilling Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement Pipe Fittings/flange/welding Overlay/pipe Spooling

- Feb 24, 2018-


Wärtsilä 4 recently signed a 25-year strategic cooperation agreement with Maersk Drilling Company for the propulsion 4 maintenance service to provide thruster maintenance services for three semi-submersible drilling rigs 4 and 4 drilling vessels 4 at Maersk Drilling Company, Including increasing the operating hours of propeller, reduce costs, reduce downtime.


Tamara de Gruyter, vice president of systems services at Wartsila, said: "We and Maersk Drilling Company will work together as a team to ensure uninterrupted operation of these rigs and rigs."


It is learned that the strategic cooperation between the two sides will reduce the time for the replacement of thrusters and allow drilling rigs and drilling vessels to spend less time on propulsion maintenance at sea. It also allows for the development of workflows according to established maintenance schedules as well as the provision of thruster services and equipment replacement in emergencies. In this way, both parties will be able to fully understand fleet maintenance needs over a longer period of time, thereby optimizing logistics and cost-effectiveness. Wärtsilä's supply to Maersk also includes propulsion components and long-term storage maintenance.


The Maersk semi-submersible drilling rigs involved here include "Maersk Developer", "Maersk Discoverer" and "Maersk Deliverer", each with eight LMT-FS3501 thrusters. Four of the new thrusters are expected to be delivered by 2018, adding the four existing components. In this way, a complete eight thruster components will ensure that the drill rig reduces downtime and minimizes operational impact.