Wartsila And Crowley Continue And Expand Fleet Maintenance Agreement

- Mar 26, 2018-

Wärtsilä and Crowley Petroleum Services USA have extended and extended their maintenance agreement and continued to provide services for 11 articulated towed barges (ATBs) of Crowley.


It is reported that this type of articulated tow barge adopts a hinged system that can connect a powerful large ocean-going tugboat with the tail of an (oil) barge so that the tugboat can propel and operate the front barge operation.glenflange


In December 2017, Wärtsilä and Crowley signed an agreement to extend the service contract from 2019 to 2023, covering 22 Wärtsilä engines for the installation of 11 articulated towed barges.


According to the contract, Crowley can obtain Wärtsilä's extensive maintenance package, can quickly obtain technical services and solve problems, and act and respond quickly in an unpredicted environment. The agreement also includes providing on-site services to ensure performance guarantees in time-sensitive situations. The Wärtsilä support team will quickly solve the problem and increase the maximum operating time of the ship.

This contract is also Wärtsilä’s first maintenance contract covering the complete propulsion system (purchase for the product store), including seals and bearings.glenflange


Crowley operates and manages the largest fleet of oil and chemical oil tankers that fly the American flag. If the pending acquisition of the three SeaRiver Maritime oil tankers is counted, Crowley will operate a total of 40 large oil tankers in compliance with the Jones Act in the United States, with a total oil capacity of more than 12 million barrels.