Wärtsilä LNG Technology Wins Two Shuttle Tanker Contracts

- Mar 28, 2018-

Wärtsilä recently obtained a technical contract valued at more than 30 million euros, which will provide support services for South Korea’s Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. for two new LNG power shuttle tankers built for Singapore’s AET Tankers.


According to the contract, Wärtsilä will supply VOC recovery technologies, LNG fuel gas treatment systems and auxiliary engines for these two new vessels.pipe spooling


After the new ship is delivered, it will mainly use LNG as its fuel, but at the same time it will also use the VOC vaporized from the cargo compartment of the ship's petroleum products as a mixture of fuel and LNG, reducing the refueling required for ships.stainless steel flange


Wärtsilä's supply scope for each vessel includes VOC recovery units, liquefied VOC fuel tanks, fuel mixing devices, LNG fuel tanks and fuel supply systems, gas valve units (GVUs) and two Wärtsilä 34DF dual-fuel auxiliary engines. These devices are expected to be delivered to Samsung Heavy Industries in the fall of 2018.