Wärtsilä Acquires Transas To Accelerate Vision For Smart Marine Ecosystem

- Mar 21, 2018-

Wärtsilä today announced the acquisition of Transas, a multinational company headquartered in the United Kingdom, which will accelerate Wärtsilä’s realization of its vision for a smart marine ecosystem.


Founded in 1990, Transas is a global market leader specializing in marine navigation solutions such as full bridge systems, digital products and electronic charts. The company is also a leader in professional training and simulation services, vessel traffic control, and monitoring and support. Transas uses the latest technology in machine learning and AI to create a unified cloud platform for managing the operation of the entire marine ecosystem.glenflange


Transas' current annual net sales are approximately 140 million euros. The company has set up 22 regional offices and a distribution network covering 120 countries around the world. With about 1,000 employees, these employees will be integrated into the Wärtsilä Marine and Marine Solutions Division. A large number of software engineers will play an important role in assisting Wartsila to develop smart products and digital platforms.


This acquisition has made Wärtsilä an important step towards the mission of “using intelligent technology to achieve a sustainable society”. This will enable the company to accelerate its reversal of the entire industry by establishing an ecosystem that digitally connects the entire supply chain and adopting security, intelligence, and cloud computing applications.glenflange


The deal, worth 210 million euros (corporate value), is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2018.

Wärtsilä’s smart marine ecosystem is a vision of smart ships connected to smart ports even further, aiming to bring about three fundamental industry benefits—maximizing resource utilization and operational efficiency, minimizing environmental impact and harm Achieve the highest level of safety and security. Wärtsilä aims to address inefficiencies caused by data integration, better connectivity, and cloud-based solutions to overcapacity, suboptimal fuel consumption, and long waiting times in ports and other busy traffic areas.


“The combination of Transas and Wärtsilä will drive the smart marine ecosystem to move forward. At present, we are able to integrate the Wärtsilä product line, which is also the largest product line of the marine and marine industry, with the ship traffic control and simulator from Transas. , navigation solutions and fleet operations solutions are combined. The combined product line will provide customers with further improvements to ship navigation, maximizing cost-effectiveness and navigation in the most environmentally friendly manner.” Wärtsilä Marine and Marine Solutions Roger Holm, president of the program department said.


“The opportunity to join the Wärtsilä brand and jointly create the future of marine transportation is extremely exciting. We have a common vision for a safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly ship and marine industry. The Transas team owns technology. Great advantages, and our globally recognized leading position in navigation, simulation and traffic management systems, combining these advantages with the extensive and world-leading Wärtsilä service and product portfolio will provide an unprecedented new ecosystem for offshore operations. Opportunities,” said Frank Coles, CEO of Transas.glenflange


Wärtsilä Introduction

Wärtsilä is a global leader in providing smart technology and full lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. By focusing on continuous innovation, total efficiency and data acquisition and analysis, Wärtsilä maximises the environmental and economic benefits of its customers' vessels and power plants. In 2017, Wärtsilä’s net sales amounted to 4.9 billion euros and approximately 18,000 employees. The company has more than 200 branches in more than 80 countries around the world. Wärtsilä is listed on Nasdaq in Helsinki, Finland.