Van Oord Named The First LNG Powered Heavy Lift Dredger

- Apr 17, 2018-

On April 14, local time, Van Oord, dredging dredge specialist of the Netherlands, held a naming ceremony for the company's first LNG power boat "Werkendam" and celebrated the company's 150th anniversary.


It is reported that the "Werkendam" heavy-lift ship is the company's first LNG power boat, marking the opening of a new generation of dredgers. butt weld fittings


The "Werkendam" is 68 meters long and has a width of more than 11 meters. It was built by the Dutch shipyard Neptune for 12 months. The vessel is fully powered by LNG fuel, with petrol fuel as a backup, and a fuel storage compartment on the poop deck. It can store enough LNG fuel to sail for 14 days without refueling. rf flange


The ship will be mainly used for servicing the Dutch project after delivery. It will be operated by Paans Van Oord, a subsidiary of Van Oord. The first operation will be a maintenance dredging and revetment project in Rotterdam.