US Navy Fleet Will Reach 355 Ships In 2030

- Apr 17, 2018-

According to a U.S. Pentagon official who recently revealed to the U.S. congressional team, with the increase of the shipbuilding budget and the extension of the service cycle of some ships of the fleet, the fleet size of the U.S. Navy will reach 355 vessels in 2030 after more than a decade. The expected goal of 2050 is 20 years ahead of schedule to achieve the above goals. glenflange


The United States Navy’s two largest shipbuilding companies—General Dynamics Corp and Huntington Ingalls Industrial Corporation—have been responsible for the US Navy shipbuilding mission. welding overlay


According to Jennifer Boykin, president of Huntington’s Virginia-based Newport News shipyard, the shipyard will hire 400 employees each month, and it is expected that shipyard employees will reach 23,000 by the end of this year. In the coming years, Huntington Ingalls Industrial Company expects to build 1-2 aircraft carriers, each of which will cost more than $13 billion.


To date, the U.S. Navy has deployed 282 warships.