Union Maritime - A Tanker Lost Contact

- Jan 16, 2018-

Union Maritime, owner and operator of a British tanker, said on a few days ago that the MT Barrett, a tanker owned by the company, has been losing ground since January 9. Glenflange

It is reported that the missing tanker "MT Barrett" round 11999 dwt (built in 2005), Marshall Islands nationality.

The company said the final message for the "MT Barrett" round was berthed at Benin, West Africa. The last AIS location on the ship received at 2:47 a.m. on January 9 local time indicated that the ship was docked at Cotonou Harbor, Benin's largest seaport.

The company said it had warned the local maritime authorities on January 10 of ongoing monitoring and various exploratory efforts. Although the company is still continuing to look for ships, the most concerned about is the safety of 22 crew members on board.Glenflange

Union Maritime said the company's vessels often operate in ports in the area and operate strictly in accordance with safety protocols. The company added that the crew on board had repeatedly entered the safety emergency procedure.

Some foreign media speculated that lost tankers may be pirate tanker hijacked on board 22 crew members may be held hostage. Although local naval forces led by the Nigerian navy have worked hard to deter piracy, seafarers in the area have often been the target of local pirate groups.