Ulstein Was Awarded A Contract For A Refitted Ship Project In Heerema

- Mar 27, 2020-

In 2018, heerema marine contractors (HMC) awarded a contract to Ulstein verft shipyard to provide design and engineering services for a ship modification project.

It is reported that the refitting project is to refit the deep-water engineering ship "Aegir" into a fast-moving offshore heavy lifting vessel (HLV). There is a large 4000 ton main crane on board, and now it is based on Ulstein SOC The design of 5000 heavy lifting vessel will bring many benefits to shipowners after refitting. The innovative scheme and intelligent engineering operation make the vessel an efficient asset in the target market of heerema company.

The refitting not only includes dismantling the bridge tower and laying equipment on the ship, but also closing the large-scale pipe pool to form a main deck for washing, and reforming the ballast water and ventilation system on the ship. The patent exhaust scheme is being applied by Ulstein, which was originally developed for the new shipbuilding project. In addition, Ulstein will conduct CFD analysis to evaluate whether hull optimization can reduce fuel consumption and pollution emissions.

Aegir joined the heerema fleet in 2013 as a deep-water engineering vessel with a large pipe laying pool and a large heavy lifting crane.