Ulstein Shipyard A Polar Expedition Cruise Ship Shelter

- Mar 21, 2018-

On March 17, a polar expedition cruise ship designed by Ulstein for Linddblad Expeditions Holdings, Inc., was designed to ship in Poland and was delivered in Poland in the first quarter of 2020.


At the ceremony, the chairman of Linddblad Expeditions and CEO Sven Lindblad named the ship "National Geographic Endurance". Mr. Sven Lindblad said that this is to commemorate the explorer Ernest Shackleton. He hopes that the National Geographic Endurance, which incorporates new technology, will deliver the extraordinary adventure experience to passengers just like Mr. Ernest Shackleton after delivery. glenflange


The ship meets the requirements of the Ice Class Polar Class and can operate throughout the year in polar environments. This allowed the National Geographic Endurance to go deeper into the polar region, to explore those untouched territories and to have zero contact with the original world.


In the shipboard ceremony, Lindblad traditionally inlaid two commemorative silver coins into the ship. One of them bears polar bears and penguins, symbolizing the sea area in which National Geographic Endurance is to operate; the other is a commemorative silver coin by Tom Ritchie, a naturalist with Lindblad.glenflange


"National Geographic Endurance" is designed with the Uster CX 104. In order to better carry out the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic exploration concept of connecting people and nature, the design of the ship ensures that passengers can enter the natural environment from any area on the ship. 75% of the cabins on the boat are equipped with private balconies. There are multiple viewing platforms inside and outside the vessel and a new concept of "Viewing Wing", which provides a beautiful view of the surroundings of the ship. The use of the innovative Zodiac loading system ensures that passengers can land faster and more safely, thus improving exploration and sightseeing on the polar shore. Onboard adventure equipment includes kayaking, cross-country ski equipment, underwater robots, hydrophones, underwater cameras, helicopter landing platforms, and more.


In the interior design, the ship will adopt the highest level of comfort of the cabin to provide passengers with a quiet, peaceful living environment. 69 rooms, suites, including 12 single rooms. Spa and fitness areas include treatment rooms, saunas, gyms, yoga studios and relaxation areas. It is worth mentioning that there are two "infinite baths" on board to allow passengers to relax in the most primitive natural environment. The on-board dining area includes a landscape restaurant, outdoor barbecue and bar area.