ULSTEIN Design Wind Farm Operation Vessel Was Awarded A Two-year Lease Contract

- Jan 31, 2018-

The SX195 wind farm MVA designed and constructed by ULSTEIN is licensed by Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH (OBE, Germany) for a two-year term charter to provide operation and maintenance logistics for the Bard Offshore 1 offshore wind farm in northern Germany Support work.


From January 2017 to the first quarter of 2018 delivery, ULSTEIN Shipyard completed the construction of "Acta Auriga" in less than 15 months.glenflange


The Acta Auriga is equipped with ULSTEIN patented Ulstein X-BOW and Ulstein X-STERN, the third offshore wind farm designed and built by ULSTEIN. The ship is equipped with SMST dynamic compensation corridor, 3D compensation crane, DP2, the number of 120 people. Designed by ULSTEIN, the offshore wind farm ships maintain the working hours window and cabin comfort to meet the normal working conditions and crew comfort under the condition that the ship has a wave height of 3 meters. Thus ensuring that the ship can provide annual operation and maintenance services for the offshore wind farm.


The ULSTEIN SX195 is 93.4m in design and 18m in width with 80 cabins and 120 cabins. The interior of the cabins is designed according to the new generation of wind farm requirements. The SMST dynamic compensated corridor system is installed on board, In addition, a 6T 3D dynamic compensating crane is also installed on the ship. The deck area is 1000m2, including 500m2 indoor area and 500m2 outdoor area. The dynamic compensation gangway satisfies the requirement that the ship and tower Between personnel, material safety, smooth transit.


The design of the SX195 is highly recognized by shipowners due to the flexibility of the ship's operation site, operability in cold climates, the safety of personnel and materials delivery, the effectiveness of on-board logistics and the comfort of the cabin environment.glenflange


Bard Offshore 1 The offshore wind farm is located in northern Germany, approximately 100 km from Borkum and covers an area of approximately 59 km². It is the first and the largest offshore wind farm in Germany and was connected to the grid in 2013. Bard Offshore 1 wind farm installed 80 5MV fan, the wind farm installed capacity of 400MV, can provide power for 400,000 homes.


Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH & Co. KG is the owner and operator of Bard Offshore offshore wind farms, with 100% held by HypoVereinsbank.