UECC Cooperates With Goodfuels To Test Marine Biofuels

- Mar 13, 2020-

UECC, a European offshore ro ro operator, will join hands with goodfuels, a sustainable marine biofuels company, to conduct a joint test of goodfuels biofuels (mr1-100 or BFO) on the autosky.

"Autosky" has a total length of 140 meters and can carry 2080 vehicles. The test lasts for three months, and 3000 metric tons of sustainable biofuels will be tested on board, marking an important step in the promotion of marine biofuels in the roll on market segment.

Autosky will load biofuels at the port of Rotterdam and test them on its regular route between Zeebrugge in Belgium and Santander in Spain, which is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 6500 metric tons.

The shipping industry is actively looking for alternative clean energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) greenhouse gas emission reduction target, by 2050, the carbon dioxide emissions of shipping industry will be reduced by 50% compared with 2008. The sustainable development of marine biofuels has scalability, which can effectively enable shipowners and operators to meet the requirements of IMO objectives.

Daniel gent, manager of energy and sustainability at UECC, said: "we are pleased to play a leading role in accelerating sustainable biofuel applications in the area of RO ro ships. This agreement demonstrates our commitment to reducing carbon emissions from existing ships and further complements our existing fleet of LNG powered and LNG battery hybrid ships. "

Isabel welten, chief operating officer of goodfuels, said: "the test will help UECC further prove the adaptability and technical applicability of biofuels in the field of RO ro ship. Importantly, we also want to prove to leading automakers that biofuels are a good way to decarbonise their goods immediately and help change the state of the industry. "

After the test, UECC and goodfuels will explore more options to continue to drive the use of marine biofuels in the RO ro ship segment.