Two Container Ships Collided In Pakistani Port

- Mar 21, 2018-

According to foreign media reports, on March 19, two container ships collided at a deep-water port in Karachi, Pakistan, causing a disruption of the SAPT terminal traffic.


According to the sources, the ships involved were the "Tolten" of Hapag-Lloyd and the "Hamburg Bay". Two ships rubbed each other and caused more than 10 containers to fall into the sea.


However, in the event of a collision, the Karachi deep-water port promptly moved the mooring crane to avoid damage to the crane.


According to relevant departments, the container ships have been disposed of for recycling.

It is understood that the "Tolten" is a Liberian container ship under Hapag-Lloyd, built in 2012. The "Hamburg Bay" is a Liberian container ship built in 2009.