Turkish Shipbreaking Plant Demolished The British Aircraft Carrier Turned Over

- Jan 31, 2018-

On January 28, the British daily Express website published an article titled "Turkey's Ship Recycling Plant Replenished by Royal Navy Battleships," the report said Turkish ship recycling plants are relying on dismantling the Royal Navy's warships to make big money. The United Kingdom's last invincible carrier, "Excellence", was retired in 2014 and sold to Turkey's Leal Ship Recycling Group for a minimum of £ 2.1 million. However, the demolition of the flagship of the past can bring the company more than 10 million pounds of revenue.


This is the latest of 22 Royal Navy ships sold to the company. The warships that were dismantled brought about 220 million pounds of revenue to the company. Ironically, some warships were phased out as part of a fiscal consolidation program aimed at cutting the Navy's budget. glenflange


The "Exceptional" aircraft carrier produced a staggering 11,854 metric tons of ferrous metal worth 5.33 million pounds, 611 tons of non-ferrous metals (worth 1.6 million pounds) and 112 tons of cable (worth 3.9 million pounds).


Although the Department of Defense did not disclose sales, senior sources disclosed last night that most warships cost less than £ 1 million.glenflange


A Navy senior source said last night: "The prices were underestimated at the time of sale, and the contractors needed to make money, but the dismantling of the boats was profitable and they were sold at very low prices."

He said: "Someone tried to sell them abroad, but if you can not get out of hand, you can only sell as a waste product.Unfortunately, Britain's law on disposal of hazardous materials forbids most UK companies from bidding, and the buyer apparently relies on scrap Profitable. "