Total Marine Lubricating Oil Wingd No Objection Letter

- Mar 27, 2020-

After two rigorous tests on two ships equipped with w6x72 engines, total lubarine's talusia universal lubricant (bn57) has received a letter of no objection from engine design and manufacturer wingd, and its use will not be limited.

According to the introduction, the test is carried out on the separated engine, and the talusia universal lubricating oil is compared with a bn40 reference cylinder lubricating oil (CLO). In one test, the compliant low sulfur fuel oil with sulfur content less than 0.5% was used, and in the other test, the compliant ultra low sulfur fuel oil with sulfur content less than 0.1% was used. The two tests were run for 2350 hours and 2000 hours respectively.

According to Justin van tries, engineer in charge of sea trial of total marine lubricating oil, "two tests show that talusia universal has significantly better performance than reference clo in sediment control and general piston cleanliness, while maintaining excellent wear rate. "

Jean Philippe Roman, President of total marine lubricants technology, expressed satisfaction with the test results. He said, "I am glad that talusia universal has obtained the unanimous letter from wingd company and can be used for all fuels with sulfur content less than 1.5%. Our team has worked extremely closely with wingd, which is critical to this success. The test results on both engines show a high degree of cleanliness and negligible wear, which proves the effectiveness of talusia universal. "

This lubricant talusia universal uses a unique chemical formula (adding surfactant molecules), which helps to neutralize the process and control the growth of engine deposits. After more than 12 years of experience, this lubricant has been proved to be able to meet the engine cleanliness requirements of all technologies using low sulfur fuel under various conditions.

The efficiency of talusia universal in keeping the engine clean is equivalent to that of high BN products on the market. It can also be used in wingd engines using x-df technology.

Before wingd issued the no objection letter, man energy solutions, another engine giant, also issued the no objection letter to talusia universal lubricating oil at the end of 2019, and tested the man B & W two-stroke engine burning ultra-low sulfur fuel oil with sulfur content less than 0.5%.

With these approval tests, talusia universal lubricants can continue to be used with 0.1% sulfur compliant fuel in 2020 on wingd dual fuel engines and man GI engines operating in gas mode, with no risk of sediment growth. Compared with bn40 clo, this lubricant can also provide additional safety margin, which can reach the lowest recommended lofr when based on visual inspection and oil drain analysis.