Three Shipyards Of The German MV Werften Group Announced A Four Week Shutdown

- Mar 27, 2020-

After Yunding group's cruise lines temporarily stopped operation due to the impact of the epidemic, three shipyards of German MV werften shipbuilding group under Yunding Hong Kong also announced that they would suspend operation for about four weeks.

A novel coronavirus outbreak in Hongkong and a recent confirmed case in Germany were announced in March 24th. In order to cooperate with the Joint Labor Committee and local government departments, all three shipyards of MV Werften in Germany, Visma and Rostock will be suspended for four weeks starting from March 21, 2020.

The novel coronavirus is protected by employees and their families, and only by closing shipyard business can the MV Werftern meet the requirements of maintaining the necessary distance between workers, said Peter Fetten, chief executive of the company. In addition, like many other companies, MV werptern is a bottleneck in the operation process and external supply chain.

Yunding Hong Kong said the arrangement was in line with the practice of most of Europe's large manufacturing and shipbuilding companies. Due to the continuous evolution and unpredictable situation caused by the global outbreak, some cruises of Yunding Hong Kong Group have also been temporarily suspended. Yunding Hong Kong will closely monitor the development of the epidemic so as to adjust the response strategy of its business operation in time, and will strive to resume full operation as soon as practicable.

It is reported that several cruises of Yunding group have also been temporarily shut down due to the continuous evolution and unpredictable situation caused by the global outbreak of covid-19. It is understood that Yunding Hong Kong has three major cruise brands: Star Cruise, Star Dream Cruise and crystal cruise. In 2016, Yunding Hong Kong acquired three German shipyards and established MV werften shipbuilding group to build a new generation of advanced cruise ships for its three major cruise brands.

MV werften is not the first German shipyard to be temporarily shut down due to the outbreak. Last week, the flensburger schiffbau Gesellschaft (FSG) shipyard in Germany announced that it would suspend all operations and production from March 19. The FSG shipyard said many European countries closed their borders and recalled their citizens from abroad as the epidemic spread across Europe. According to FSG shipyard, this has a direct impact on FSG shipyard and its subcontractors, suppliers and representatives of shipping companies in the shipyard.

The novel coronavirus confirmed by Germany increased to 28729 at 22 o'clock in March 23rd, and 112 people died, according to data released by 16 federal health departments in Germany.