The World's Largest Cruise Ship Ocean Symphony Officially Delivered

- Mar 27, 2018-

On March 23, STX France officially delivered the oasis series "Symphony of the Seas" luxury cruise ship built for Royal Caribbean Cruises. It left the shipyard and began to launch a maiden voyage in the Mediterranean Sea.

With 362 meters in length, 66 meters in width, 70 meters in height and 228,081 metric tons, the "Ocean Symphony" costs 800 million euros (about 1.4 billion U.S. dollars) and is currently the world's largest cruise ship. The cruise ship is the largest cruise ship in the world - the royal family. The cruise ship company of the Caribbean cruise ship with a series of cruise ships “Harmony of the Seas” is 3,000 tons more. The cruise ship “Ocean Symphony” will therefore replace the “Marine Yuetue” which was delivered two years ago and the “world's largest cruise ship” will be taken off.


The Royal Caribbean Oasis series is a maritime giant. Currently, the top three cruise ships in the world are all Caribbean cruise ship Oasis series. The fourth Oasis cruise ship “Ocean Symphony” has become the world’s largest cruise ship.


Launched in 2015, the "Ocean Symphony" has 16 passenger decks and 2,775 guest rooms, 28 more than "Ocean and Happy Inns". It can accommodate 5494 passengers (double passenger capacity), loaded with 6780 passengers. passenger. At the same time, there are 2175 employees from all over the world. elbow


"Ocean Symphony" not only includes the classic facilities of the Royal Caribbean winning numerous awards, but also creates a series of innovative experiences for adventure lovers of all ages. Highlights include new dining concepts, innovative family fun activities, stunning aerial, ice, water entertainment, and vibrant family suite options. At the same time, it will retain special features of the Oasis series, such as the Bionic Bar from the future, the Aqua Theatre, which performs nightly high-flying and diving performances, and the “ultimate abyss” of the thrilling sea top track. (The Ultimate Abyss) - The combination of multiple experiences in the seven theme communities of "Ocean Symphony" jointly composes an "Oasis-level" symphony.glenflange


The Symphony of the Seas is the 25th cruise ship of the Royal Caribbean. She will open the summer season in the Mediterranean Sea. The ports of call include Barcelona and Palma Mallorca in Spain, Provence in France, Florence/Pisa in Rome, and Rome. , Naples and other ports. On November 24, 2018, she will arrive in Miami, Florida, and start an eight-day, seven-night East Caribbean cruise on the new Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal Terminal A (Terminal A).