The US Launch Platform Of New Guanghua Starts For Russia

- Feb 28, 2020-

           New Guanghua, China's largest semi submersible ship owned by COSCO Ocean Express, will carry Odyssey sea launch platform from the United States to Russia.            According to, the new Guanghua arrived at Long Beach port on February 18 and began loading the Odyssey launch platform on February 20.            Due to the weather, the loading of odyssey on the high seas failed to be completed on February 20. On February 23, Odyssey was finally installed on the new Guanghua. The semi submersible will leave the United States on February 26 and head for the port of slavyanka in Russia's coastal border area. The sea launch commander will follow the semi submersible the next day. Odyssey is expected to arrive at Russia's slavyanka port in early March.            It is understood that the 100000 ton semi submersible "Xin Guang Hua" is the largest semi submersible in China and the second largest in the world, with a total length of 255 meters, a type width of 68 meters, a submerged draft of 30.5 meters, a carrying capacity of 98000 tons, a service speed of 14.5 knots, a loading deck of 210 meters long and 68 meters wide, and a deck area of 13500 square meters,.            Odyssey is a mobile offshore platform used by sea launch to provide spacecraft launch services. The sea launch company was founded in 1995. It was first registered in the Cayman Islands with the joint investment of Boeing company of the United States, Aker solutions of Norway, KB yuzhnoye / PO yuzhmash of Ukraine and Energia Rocket Company of Russia. It is also the only company providing sea based launch services in the world. The first rocket was launched in March 1999. The company declared bankruptcy on June 22, 2009, reorganized in 2010, became a major shareholder of Russian energy rocket group, with a small amount of shares held by American and Norwegian companies and Ukraine no longer participating in the project. In September 2016, Russia's "S7 space" company became the owner of "sea launch" company, with intellectual property rights including sea launch commander, Odyssey launch platform, ground equipment and sea launch company including trademarks.            In 2014, affected by the deterioration of relations between Russia and Ukraine, "Odyssey" platform stopped operation after completing the 36th launch. Of the 36 launches that have been carried out, 32 have been successful.            In April 2018, the Russian S7 group completed all assets of the "offshore launch" platform with an amount of US $150 million, owning the offshore launch platform "Odyssey", the command ship "sea launch commander", which controls all facilities, and the ground infrastructure in California. However, up to now, S7 group has not used Odyssey for space launch.            In December, the S7 group said the State Department approved the transfer of the launch platform to Russia. The town of slavyanka, south of Vladivostok, will become a new port of registration for Odyssey. It is expected that the launch platform and command ship will enter the port in 2020. Slavyanka town is 80 kilometers away from the Russian North Korean border.