The UN Opens The Blacklist Of The Strongest North Korean Sanctions In History

- Apr 02, 2018-

The UN Security Council imposed additional sanctions and once again placed a large number of ships and ship trading companies suspected of violating the sanctions on North Korea in the "black list." This is the largest measure of sanctions against the DPRK in the history of the United Nations. In addition, the United Nations will no longer provide North Korea with emergency relief funds this year.


According to AFP, Reuters and other media reports, on March 30, local time, the UN Security Council added a total of 49 ships, 21 companies, and 49 individuals to a black list of sanctions against North Korea. They were charged. Assist North Korea to evade UN sanctions. glenflange


It is reported that this is the largest scale measure against North Korea in the history of the United Nations. While the parties concerned in the world are actively seeking a diplomatic solution to the DPRK nuclear issue, the United Nations has raised the level of sanctions against the DPRK and has drawn special attention.


It is understood that the assets of the 21 shipping and trading companies that have been included in the blacklist on the DPRK sanctions will be frozen. These companies include three registered companies in Hong Kong, including Watson Shipping, and Huaxin Shipping was accused of assisting North Korea in October last year to smear coal from the sea to Vietnam. It also includes two mainland Chinese companies, including Shanghai Dongfeng Shipping and Weihai Global Shipping of Shandong Province. Shipments from North Korea have been seized on Dongfeng Shipping and Weihai Global Shipping. In addition, Singapore, Samoa, the Marshall Islands, and Panama have one company and the remaining 12 are North Korean companies. SR 30 DEG ELBOW


On the blacklist, the only person named was Taiwanese businessman Zhang Yongyuan. He was accused of assisting North Korea’s coal and oil exports through trade intermediary companies in third countries and would be subject to sanctions such as asset freezes and travel bans.

In addition, of the 27 ships listed on the “black list,” 25 assets will be frozen and will be prohibited from entering the ports of the member states of the Security Council. Among them, 13 are Koreans and 12 are ships of other nationalities. The other two North Korean ships were only frozen assets. 21 ship trading companies will be sanctioned by frozen assets.Con. reducer


According to reports, the United Nations imposed additional sanctions on North Korea at the request of the United States. The Security Council did not hold a meeting. After the discussion, it passed the blacklist.


The United States, on February 23, launched the largest unilateral sanctions against North Korea in history, and also requested the UN Security Council to add 61 targets including 33 ships, 27 shipping and trading companies, and a Taiwanese businessman to the Black List on the sanctions against North Korea. . In the black list adopted by the Security Council, there are fewer than six objects provided by the United States.


After the United Nations Security Council announced the latest list of sanctions, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said in a statement that the "Historic Sanctions Support" measure is aimed at cutting off North Korea's illegal smuggling activities, obtaining oil, and selling coal.