The Requirements Of Glen Flanges Connection

- Oct 27, 2017-

The requirements of Glen flanges connection:

1: Make sure the tubing coupling is tight under the designated pressure and temperature.

2: It should be sufficient strength.

3: The pipe can support all kinds of force by temperature stress during working or not working.

4: It can be taken apart and assemble quickly for many times.

5: It is suitable for mass production and low cost.

The strength and tightness of Glen flanges connection mainly depend on the force condition of the flanges. Force analysis of Glen flanges, it is called pre-tightness when the medium come into flanges after tightening the bolts. In order to pre-air tighten, the flanges pressurize on gasket under the pre-tightness form the bolt. Under the condition of pre-tighten conditions, the preload of bolt is called bolt pretension, indicated by W2. The pressure on the gasket is called gasket load, when it reaches seal airtight, we indicated the condition by HG, and it need enough pressing force.