The Most Powerful Offshore Wind Turbine In The World Is Successfully Installed

- Apr 17, 2018-

The most powerful single wind turbine in the world was successfully installed at the European offshore wind power deployment center (EOWDC) in Vattenfall, Scotland.


According to reports, this wind turbine is the first of 11 Aberdeen Gulf series offshore wind turbines, using internal power mode to help generate more energy, generating power of 8.4-8.8 megawatts. LR ELBOWS


MHI Vestas' specially designed offshore wind turbine is divided into V164-8.4 MW and V164-8.8 MW. The tip height is 191 meters. Each blade is 80 meters long and the rotor is 164 meters long.


This wholesale motor will be shipped by Swire Blue Ocean's "Pacific Orca" from Denmark to Aberdeen, UK, and then to the base station, which is the world's largest wind farm installation vessel. Prior to this, the suction cartridge jacket base for the first wind turbine had been installed. wn flange