The Missing Vessel MV Butiraoi Found Seven Survivors

- Jan 30, 2018-

According to the New Zealand Defense Forces (NZDF), seven survivors were found missing 10 days after missing MV Butiraoi.


On January 18, the skipper MV Butiraoi, a 17-meter skipper carrying 50 people, left Noonetti for a two-day, 250-kilometer voyage to Bastiatis in South Tarawa . However, the ship failed to reach its destination on January 20, triggering a search.glenflange


On January 27, Darryn Webb, commander of the Air Force unit, said the deployment of the Royal New Zealand Air Force P-3K2 helped locate the missing ferry and found a 5-meter-long floating sailing ship in the Pacific carrying seven people. It is understood that a fishing vessel about 92 kilometers northeast of the floating boat has been dispatched to rescue the survivors.


Darryn Webb said the plane will continue to search the area and make every effort to find more survivors while waiting for the survivors to find a bout with the fishing boat.glenflange


New Zealand Rescue Coordination Center has been coordinating search and rescue operations since last Saturday. The local government said the ship ran aground before leaving Noonetti Island and repaired its propeller shaft. The ship has a high-frequency radio but does not know if it has enough fuel and emergency supplies.