The Misfortune Is Not Alone, Maersk Is Again Attacked By The Internet.

- Mar 21, 2018-

The misfortune is not alone, Maersk is again attacked by the Internet.

Last year, Maersk suffered a loss of 2.5-300 million U.S. dollars due to hacking attacks and was recently attacked again by the Internet.


According to the Danish media Børsen, more than 60,000 e-mails have been stolen by Svitzer Australia, a subsidiary of the Maersk Group, including sensitive information involving company employees.


According to the report, Svitzer Australia confirmed that the cyber attack came from outside company personnel and network experts. The current technical team is investigating and looking for black hands behind the scenes. The investigation also showed that the attack started as early as May 17, 2017, but it was not discovered until March 1 this year.glenflange


“The first thing we investigated was whether the attack was limited to Australia and the answer was certain. Other companies of the Maersk Group did not suffer similar attacks because we are using different IT systems,” said the person in charge of Svitzer.


Svitzer is a specialized tugboat and salvage company under the Maersk Group. According to the latest business division of Maersk Group, Svitzer belongs to the Maersk Shipping and Logistics segment.


This is not the first time that Maersk has been hacked. Around 13:50 local time on June 27, 2017 (Beijing time on June 27th, 19:50), the IT systems of Maersk Line and Maersk Group's Copenhagen headquarters were attacked by blackmail viruses, and its official website including APP crashed across the board.glenflange