The First Diagnosis Of Bath Steel Shipyard, The Second Largest Shipyard In The United States

- Mar 27, 2020-

The epidemic situation of China's new crown continued to worsen, and the major military enterprises in the United States also continued to be affected by the epidemic. A novel coronavirus test was positive for a shipbuilders in the second largest military shipyard in the US, Bath Iron Works reported in March 24th.

Buss said in a statement later that the worker last appeared at the shipyard on March 13, and that medical staff at the shipyard were working with the Maine centers for Disease Control and prevention to ensure the safety of the staff, and that others in contact with the worker had to be self isolated.

However, the first confirmed case did not cause the shipyard to shut down, and the bath Steel Shipyard continued production on Monday.

Bath Steel Shipyard is located in Maine, northeast of the United States. It is the second largest shipyard in the United States. It is responsible for the construction, maintenance, modification and upgrading of about half of U.S. surface ships. At present, bath iron and Steel Shipyard is building two flight IIA Arley Burke class destroyers, namely, the ddg-120 and the ddg-122, as well as the little Louis h. Wilson, an Arley Burke flight III destroyer.

A total of 89 people in Maine tested positive for new coronavirus, according to the Maine centers for Disease Control and prevention.

The novel coronavirus affected many defense giants in the United States. After 22 days of death of a Boeing Everett factory, the American Airlines giant Boeing 23 closed all its facilities in Seattle, Washington, on the 23 th, and planned to stop all production activities in the next 14 days from the time of March 25th.