The First 3D Printed Offshore Crane Hook Passed The Load Test In The World

- Jan 24, 2018-

A 3D-printed offshore crane hook recently passed the 80-metric ton load test, opening the door for such manufacturing technology to the marine industry.


Huisman said it was the first such heavy-duty load test for this type of 3D-printed crane hook product, which was previously crafted or forged.glenflange


According to the Huisman Group, 3D printing technology will easily become "a new manufacturing technology of the future." 3D printed components can significantly reduce lead time, competitive cost advantages and more consistent quality compared to forging technology.


For a long time, Huisman actively adopted WAAM, a 3D printing technology used in the manufacture of large and medium size crane hooks made of high-strength steel, including large four-pronged hooks that print in weights close to 1000 kg.glenflange


WAAM can be used on crane hooks and can also be used by Huisman to make components of other complex shapes. Huisman pointed out that the WAAM test results will help the company to create reliable components. In the near future, the company will further optimize the WAAM process, reduce the cost price, the manufacturing capacity will be increased to 2500 kg of objects.