The Bulk Carrier INCE INEBOLU Was Hit By A Missile

- May 16, 2018-

According to Reuters, on the middle of the night of May 12, a “INCE INEBOLU”, a Turkish bulk carrier loaded with wheat, was hit by a missile when it sailed to the port of Salek in Yemen. The missile explosion caused damage to the hull.  welding overlay flange

According to Saudi military sources, INCE DENIZILIK VE TICARET A.S., the management company of the INCE INEBOLU, issued a statement saying that the ship was attacked by missiles about 70 nautical miles off the Yemeni coast around midnight on May 12. The missile hit the hull part of Hold 3 of the "INCE INEBOLU" and exploded in the hull. After the attack, the Saudi navy troops boarded the "INCE INEBOLU" and closed all ship communications. The ship was then ordered to travel to Gizan Port, Saudi Arabia. weld overlay elbows


AIS data shows that the "ISE INEBOLU" round has arrived at Jizan Port since May 12, and the AIS data has been closed.

It is understood that the "INCE INEBOLU" wheel was loaded with 49,770 tons of wheat flour from Russia at the time of the accident. piping spool