The BDI Index Fell To 1150 Points In A Row

- Mar 21, 2018-

The BDI Index fell to 1150 points in a row

International Ship Net News on March 15.

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) fell by 19 points on Thursday, or 1.63% from the previous month, to 1,150 points.

The Baltic Capesize Bulk Carrier Freight Index (BCI) fell 74 points, or 5.64% from the previous quarter, to 1,238 points. glenflange

The Baltic Sea Panamax Bulk Carrier Index (BPI) fell by 4 points, or 0.25% from the previous month, to 1619 points.

The Baltic Sea Surrey Bulk Carrier (BSI) index rose by 16 points, or 1.51% from the previous quarter, to 1,077 points.

The Baltic Handymax Bulk Carrier Index (BHSI) rose by 4 points, or 0.64% MoM, to 626 points.