Tai Ping Venus Voyages To Berth Bridge Bridge

- Apr 08, 2018-

On April 2nd, the world’s most advanced liquefied ethylene ship “Tai Ping Venus” was slated to berth at Yanqiao Port and successfully completed the shipment from the low-temperature ethylene tank of Haoming Chemical Company to “Tai Ping Venus”. After work, they were safely berthed on April 4. This is the first successful completion of low-temperature ethylene shipment operations after Yanqiao Port has carried out low-temperature ethylene unloading operations for many years.


"Tai Ping Venus" is the world's most advanced liquefied ethylene ship built by Pacific International Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. for Pacific Gas Ship (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited. It has excellent performance and integrates high-tech design and high-end equipment in the industry. With advanced equipment performance, high degree of automation, low energy consumption, low noise and vibration, its various indicators such as ship energy efficiency have reached the world's leading level. glenflange


The round of safe berthing and operation conducted a comprehensive inspection of the low-temperature ethylene loading process and the unloading and unloading arms at Yongqiao Port, marking that the Yongqiao Port can fully meet the safety berthing and handling of 20,000-ton LEG vessels. The request laid the foundation for the next step in the development and service of the low-temperature ethylene business of Yanqiao Port Group, Haoming Chemicals. pipe fittings