STX Shipbuilding 4 MR Model Tanker Orders Take Effect

- Feb 24, 2018-

STX Shipbuilding 4 MR-product tanker alternative orders have come into effect recently.


Among them, the Greek owner Oceangold STX shipbuilding 2 50000 DWT MR oil tankers alternative orders came into effect recently. In July last year, Oceangold had orders for 2 + 2 MR model oil tankers at STX Shipbuilding, each costing approximately $ 35 million and will be built to IMO III standard with delivery scheduled for 2019.


Not long ago, another Greek shipowner, Pantheon Tankers, announced that it was also implementing orders for two MR 50,000 DWT oil tankers on STX and increased the number of MRSs finished at STX to four. New ships will be delivered in 2019, each cost about 33 million US dollars.