STX Launches Sail Promotion Cruise In France

- Mar 14, 2018-

STX France recently announced a concept of sail propelling cruise called SILENSEAS to reduce the impact on the environment and save energy.


This concept has been demonstrated during the 2018 Seatrade International Cruise Show. The SILENSEAS cruise ship is 190 meters long and has 150 rooms that provide passengers with an eco-friendly cruise experience.

The ship includes three masts and three sets of control equipment. In order to obtain sufficient wind energy, the area of each sail is more than 1,000 square meters.


This SILENSEAS concept incorporates windsurfing and the latest propulsion and energy production technologies, including LNG, fuel cells and automation technologies. Taking the Caribbean route as an example, this concept can reduce 60% of propulsion energy while ensuring good sailing performance. . When the wind speed reaches 15 knots, the speed of the ship can reach 12 knots.


STX France has reached an agreement with Ponant Cruises to renovate and test an already operating cruise ship.


STX France has always been committed to the continuous development of windsurfing. As early as 2009, STX France introduced the concept EOSEAS, and has developed the patented concept SOLIDSAIL to reach the largest sailing area.

According to the design, there are five masts on the "Eoseas" and six large sails with a total area of 12,44 square meters. six large sails will guide the collected air into the bottom of the ship and use it as a cushion to increase the effectiveness of water and promote the ship. The propulsion power can reach 20,000 MW.


The cruise also uses liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel for power generation, heating and cooling. In addition, the cruise ship will be equipped with a solar energy storage panel to collect solar power; its dual shell design is more effective as a natural air conditioning system. Cruise ships mainly use renewable energy to limit greenhouse gas emissions.