Stolt Tankers A Chemical Ship Crew Was Burned

- May 16, 2018-

According to the US Coast Guard News, on the evening of May 11, a 49-year-old crew member of the "Stolt Perseverance" chemical vessel belonging to Norwegian shipowner Stolt Tankers was burned by the ship's chemical vapor. weld overlay pipe fitting, weld overlay flange

According to sources, when the "Stolt Perseverance" wheel was about 48 miles from the beach, the crew member was burned by the steam inside the boat. pipe spool

After the accident, shipowner Stolt Tankers notified the Coast Guard Houston-Galveston department observers and requested support. The Coast Guard Houston Air Base then dispatched a helicopter and crew to the scene and transferred the crew to Scholes International Airport in Galvesco, waiting for the University of Texas staff and medical personnel to treat. welding overlay elbow