Stena Drilling DNV GL MPD Class Symbol

- Apr 17, 2018-

DNV GL has revised the rules for the classification of controlled pressure drilling (MPD) systems, and has introduced two new classification codes DRILL (MPD) and DRILL (MPD READY).


A few days ago, Stena Drilling became the first drilling contractor to receive the Drill (MPD) symbol, thanks to its "Stena Carron" drilling rig capable of adapting to harsh environments. LR elbow


Controlled pressure drilling is an adaptive drilling process that provides better control of the annulus pressure distribution throughout the wellbore, helping operators to drill safer and more efficient drilling of new wells, and sometimes drilling wells that could not be drilled before. As early as in 2013, the offshore standard DNVGL-OS-E101 drilling equipment of DNVGL has already covered the design and debugging requirements of the MPD system.


Alex Bruce, MPD project manager at Stena Drilling, said: “We have been seeking opportunities for end customers and operators. This time our drill ship has acquired the DRILL (MPD) symbol, which shows operators a powerful, efficient and fully integrated solution. And a safe system that can perform deep water MPD operations." slip on flange


The company's rig "Stena Carron" was the first ship to receive the DNV GL classification company's DRILL (MPD) symbol. Using the MPD system certified by DNV GL classification society, it has successfully drilled two ultra-deep wells. The company has already begun planning to apply for MPD READY symbols for the other two rigs "Stena IceMax" and "Stena DrillMax".