Steel Scrap Market Statistics (4.28-5.4)

- May 09, 2018-

According to the latest data from Clarkson, a total of 17 ships were dismantled this week, totaling 793,656 DWT. From the ship type, five tankers totaled 527,300 deadweight tons; six liquefied gas carriers, a total of 234,527 deadweight tons; two offshore engineering vessels, a total of 2,054 dwt; four other vessels, a total of 29,775 dwt; according to Clarkson statistics As of 2018, the total amount of global ship dismantling is currently 13.6 million dwt. Among them, the total number of ships lifted by bulk carriers reached 1.7 million dwt, the total number of oil tankers reached 10.3 million dwt, and the total number of container ships reached 0.3 million dwt; the cumulative number of other ship types reached 1.3 million dwt. welding overlay flanges


Shipbreaking price for bulk carriers was 410$/ldt, unchanged from last week, which was 17.14% higher than 350$/ldt in the same period of last year; shipbreaking price was 410$/ldt, which was unchanged from last week. Compared with the 365$/ldt increase of 12.33%; container ship scrapping price of 445$/ldt, unchanged from last week, compared with 375$/ldt in the same period last year increased by 18.67%. pipe fittings


In 2018, China's cumulative shipbreaking capacity has reached 0.2 million dwt, India has dismantled ships to 2.9 million dwt, Bangladesh has dismantled ships to 4.8 million dwt, and Pakistan has dismantled ships to 1.5 million dwt. Accumulations of 4.3 million dwt in other countries. elbows 90 deg butt welding