Soren TOEFT's Turn Is Getting Closer To MSc

- Dec 02, 2019-

On Friday, Danish shipping media revealed that Mr. s ø Ren Toft, who had just announced his departure from Maersk, would become the world's second largest container liner company, mediterranean shipping.

In the face of such news, s ø Ren Skou, chief executive of Maersk Group, said in a performance conference last week: "I am taking this opportunity to think about what we should do. We have strong candidates for positions. But we can also consider making some minor changes to our structure. We will decide on that. "

Shiping watch commented that in the face of the star of hope: the "turn around" of s ø Ren Toft, the CEO of Maersk Group is considering whether to take this opportunity to reform the management structure of Maersk.

Maersk had previously informed that Soren TOEFT's role as chief operating officer would be temporarily represented by CEO skuu. In fact, it is under the leadership of Soren Toft that Maersk and MSc cooperate in the 2m alliance.

In addition, Soren TOEFT is the key figure behind Maersk's multibillion dollar acquisition of Hamburg South America.

Shiping watch pointed out that Shi Soren did not expect the conversion of Soren Toft to MSC to affect the partnership between the two container liner companies in the 2m alliance. "We have a long-term partnership with MSC, which will continue for another five years. This partnership is very beneficial to us in terms of the products sold to our customers and the cost savings. I hope that this partnership will continue to move forward in a positive and professional manner over the next five years. " Shisoren preached.

It is worth mentioning that MSC declined to comment on the information that Soren Toft became the next CEO of the company. Tofte also failed to confirm the move.

As of today's press release, Gianluigi Aponte, 79, founder of MSC, will step down as chairman of Mediterranean Shipping and his son, Diego Aponte, will take over. In other words, it will make room for s ø Ren Toft, former chief operating officer of Maersk, to take over as the new CEO.