Sonardyne Installed Deepwater Tracking Technology For German Test Vessels

- Jan 31, 2018-

Sonardyne has installed Ranger 2, the company's deepwater sound-tracking technology, on the German test vessel "Maria S. Merian."


It is understood that this new technology was delivered by Scholz Ingenieur Büro, a German agent at Sonardyne, replacing existing third-party ultra-short baseline acoustic equipment on board. The program is expected to help researchers on board accurately track the depth of an expedition system within a 7km radius, including an unmanned robotic platform and undersea lander.glenflange


Jan Wommelsdorff, head of Scholz Ingenieur Büro, said: "This is the first time a Sonardyne Ranger 2 GyroUSBL has been installed in a German research vessel. This core technology helps German scientists work better in a deepwater environment."


The "Maria S. Merian" research vessel is operated by the German Research Ship Control Station at the Geography University of Hamburg and is used mainly for seafloor, water column and atmospheric observations in the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic. The ship has been reinforced with ice-breaking hull and has been deployed in Norwegian polar waters. The ship's upgrade will also feature Sonardyne GyroUSBL tools, including a USBL transceiver and a high-grade inertial navigation sensor.glenflange


The GyroUSBL is designed to minimize common sources of accuracy errors in ultra-short baseline positioning systems, including bending and bending of lever arms, ship bending, and more. The device will also be deployed in a scientific mission to track broadband ultra-small 6 + repeaters connected to scientific equipment.