SMM Maritime Future Summit: Vision Becomes A Reality

- May 10, 2018-

What does the digital revolution specifically mean for the maritime industry? What are the technologies that drive innovation? At the Maritime Future Summit (MFS) during the 2018 Hamburg Maritime Exhibition (SMM), experts will study the future of the industry.


From digitization and big data to artificial intelligence (AI), new technologies have the potential to revolutionize global shipping. "Being aware of the gap - bridging disruptive technologies" is the theme of the Maritime Future Summit (MFS) held on Sept. 3 during SMM. On September 4, SMM will open in 2018. At MFS, two groups of well-known experts will discuss how to use digitization and other major trends to improve the transparency and efficiency of shipping business, and how to best prepare for the future. welding overlay flange


Optimize the logistics chain


There is no doubt that the integration of ships and ports has brought tremendous opportunities for the shipping industry. Hubert Hoffmann, chief information officer and chief data officer for Mediterranean Shipping (Germany), will discuss this topic from the perspective of a liner company in his opening speech entitled “New Thinking in Shipping”. Hoffmann's argument boils down to this: If you want to be tomorrow's leader, you must start by challenging the company's existing internal and external processes.


Ulf Sive from the Maritime Management Maritime Transport Management Verification Project of Sweden will talk about the possible role of the maritime industry in the logistics chain. Standardization of information sharing will be a key element of this logistics network and will have a significant impact on trade flows and business models.pipe elbows


At present, many research institutions and companies are conducting in-depth research on unmanned shipping. Some initial tests have been successfully completed. According to the reality of the Maritime Industry Report (MIR) issued by SMM, one-third of shipping company policy makers believe that unmanned ships can be practically used for commercial purposes in the next 20 years. But if there is a problem, who will take responsibility? In this regard, Sun Wu of China Classification Society will examine some technical and legal issues in his speech. butt weld fitting


In addition, the National Maritime Institute of Japan (NMRI) launched a comprehensive research project "Technology Roadmap for 2050", and its scientific director Kohei Matsuo will present the results. The "2050 Technology Roadmap" will provide some insights on how innovative technologies will bring change to the shipping and shipbuilding sectors. With the support of the Japan Shipbuilding Technology Research Association (JSTRA), scientists have studied innovative technologies in various industries and countries.


Technology alarm


Christian Roeloffs, Managing Director of Container xChange, will explain how to increase the network integration of all stakeholders and the more complex supply chain management methods to increase efficiency and ultimately increase the competitive advantage by reducing costs. Under the disruptive market environment, how to obtain the best way for the shipping companies and ports in which they are located will be the theme of Mikko Lepistö, Director of Software and Automation Operations of ABB Maritime and Port Services.


Pierre C. Sames, head of Maritime Research at DNV GL, will present the keynote “Vision 2030: How Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health will change the way the classification society works." For manufacturing, 3D printing technology and the development of intelligent factories based on automated processes using robots and algorithms will lead to major structural turbulence: Nick Danese, chief executive of NDAR, the French engineering company, called this development “a wake-up call to the shipbuilding industry ". Claus Ulrich Selbach, director of maritime and technology exhibitions at Hamburg Exhibitions International Ltd., said that this topic will be supplemented by a special exhibition on 3D printing, including a real-time demonstration at the exhibition site.


Personally practice technology


Krischan Förster, editor-in-chief of the international maritime magazine HANSA, said that the Maritime Future Summit will be of vital importance to any stakeholders in the maritime sector who wish to remain competitive. The event will be hosted by Professor Volker Bertram of the World Maritime University.


In the next four days, SMM visitors will be able to conduct practical research at the Hamburg Exhibition Center on topics discussed by experts in the expert group, such as following the digital route. SMM will exhibit many technologies. As the theme "SMMart Shipping Development Trends": The theme of this year's SMM will definitely touch the pulse of the industry.